Project Active involvement in the information society

EEA_GrantsIn the beginning of 2013 the team of “Horizonti” Foundation developed the project to build up organizational capacity titled “Active involvement in the information society”. With this project the foundation takes part in the first competition for project proposals organized by the program to support non-governmental organizations in Bulgaria based on the financial mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014.
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The program is of huge interest among the non-governmental organizations all over the country. Despite the strong competition (a total of 559 projects filed), our project was approved, and started on September 13th, 2013. The project’s duration is 8 months and it comes to a close in May 2014.
The project targets the thematic area of the program “Building capacity of NGOs”, and the amount of the gratuitous financial aid is 9 835 euro.
The team that is in head of development of the project chose for the thematic priority to be “Encouragement of building capacity of NGOs and enabling working environment in the non-governmental sector”, which is also the main goal of the project.
There are two specific goals:
Improvement of the financial and organizational stability of NGOs;
Increase of the capacity of “Horizonti” Foundation in order to offer electronic services and to work with the targeted groups.
Direct participants in the project are representatives of the targeted groups of our organization, its employees, associates and volunteers. They will be actively involved in the execution of the main activities of our organization, which are formulated in the following way:
1. Launching and developing web-based platforms and interactive tools in order to develop capacity;
2. Training to build up capacity, exchange and spreading of best practices and knowledge;
3. Information and publicity.
The most important concrete results and products of the realization of the project are:
- Launching a new website of the organization;
- Developed and implemented web-based catalogue for the electronic library;
- Developed web-based register of the users of the organization;
- The formation of three working groups to test the new products;
- Training that will improve the digital literacy of employees and volunteers;
- Manufacturing and spreading of printed materials and publications related to the implementation of the project;
- Organization and carrying out of two public events, one in the beginning and one in the end of the project.
Dear friends and associates of “Horizonti” Foundation, the hard times in which our society is in inevitably affect the community of people with disabilities and their organizations. Our organization, too, is going through obstacles that in the past couple of years have limited the development and expansion of its capacity. The problems are financial, staff-related, technical and organizational. The project “Active involvement in the information society” targets precisely the issues concerned with organization and electronic and informational resources.
The team of the project hopes that “Horizonti” Foundation will continue helping with the conduction of innovative activities and new technologies in the community of people with disabilities. We hope that the foundation will continue its work in order to make the realization and education of visually impaired students possible and in order to offer a variety of services to its users.
We expect your opinions, suggestions and new ideas!
Penka Hristova – project manager
Phone: 0896 895 988
Elena Krasteva
Phone: 0898 622 338
Ivana Dimitrova – accountant
Phone: 0877 86 66 31